All the Comforts of Home

Your cat will feel right at home while staying at Applewood Pet Resort. Featuring comfortable, spacious rooms, outdoor lounging areas, a caring staff that loves your pet like family, and all the amenities you would expect at a resort, we welcome your cat to Applewood!

Special Needs

The highly trained staff at Applewood Pet Resort are prepared to help your cat with any special needs requirements s/he may have. Feel free to discuss details and ask questions while making your reservation, or at check-in. The following is a list of common special needs that can be accommodated (not a comprehensive list):

  • Medications (No injections)
  • Supplements
  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Food from home
  • Treats from home
  • Special handling care
  • Daily brushing
  • Medical Care



Lodging at Applewood is designed with your pet in mind- it is comfortably climate controlled, spacious, clean, entertaining for your pet, offers indoor/outdoor facilities, and has amenities like a grooming salon, a day spa, an onsite animal hospital, and our NEW daycare center!



Our expert stylists will give your cat a groom and style that leaves an impression! We offer simple services like bathing and brushing, to trims, and full grooms.

At check-in, we will ask you to provide your veterinarian’s contact information. Should an emergency occur with your pet, our priority will be to call you and call your veterinarian. If we cannot reach your veterinarian, we will call our 24 hour emergency vet with your authorization at check-in.


Room Information

There are several rooms where cats lodge at Applewood Pet Resort, and you have the choice of indoor only or indoor/outdoor accommodations. For our cat community, we offer several lodging options for the most laid back cat to the most rambunctious kitty. All of our accommodations include a complimentary litter box and bedding for your friendly feline.

Classic Suite

Located in the lobby, these suites are indoor only, and offer endless people watching throughout the day. If your cat enjoys showing off, s/he will have the opportunity to practice athleticism on their own climbing tower. If that’s too exhausting, curling up for a movie in front of the TV might be the ticket.

Calico Suites

These suites are like the Classic Suites however they are more private for the pet that doesn’t require people interaction.

Deluxe Villa

This suite has all that a cat could ask for in an overnight stay away from home. Complete with multiple levels, a climbing tower, ladders, several lofts, and indoor/outdoor access, this suite will have your cat entertained for hours. If lounging around sounds more appealing, your cat will have the option to relax on a loft and watch his/her own flat screen television.

Deluxe Townhome

Located in the same secluded, quiet room, as the Deluxe Villas, this room has indoor/outdoor access and a loft to lounge on.

Indoor Cottage

Our Indoor Cottages are two stories, complete with lofts, and a lower level where the litter box is tucked away for convenience.

Vaccine Requirements

At Applewood Pet Resort, every precaution is taken to avoid sickness and out breaks amongst our guests. To maintain that commitment to your cat’s health, we require the following vaccinations (certified by your veterinarian) to be able to check in:


Hand Prepared Meals

As most cats maintain their own routine for feeding, we free feed all our cat guests with Fromm Family Gold kibbles. Free feeding means we put fresh food out each morning for them to eat throughout the day. Of course, if you have a particular food you feed, we are happy to accommodate your feeding schedule.

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Resort Ammenities
Personal Attention

Each one of our special guests are looked in on frequently, played with, and loved throughout their stay.

24 Hour Staffing

For your peace of mind, there is a staff member on site 24 hours per day, and our emergency alarms and sprinkler system are professionally monitored day and night.

Climate Controlled

Each room is independently climate controlled, and programmed to remain cool during the heat of the summer, and cozy in the cool winter months.

Soft Bedding

Either yours or ours, we will provide every guest with comfortable bedding.

Outdoor Access

While lodging in a Deluxe Villa or Deluxe Townhome, your cat may travel in and out of doors as s/he pleases. Outside, your cat will enjoy a nice open air enclosure to lounge in the shade.

Grooming Salon

Proper grooming practices help maintain the quality and texture of your pet’s coat, as well as health and condition of their skin.

Specialty Pet Shop

Applewood Pet Resort is proud to partner with its sister-company, Bark Avenue Pet Food & Supply, where all the food, treats, and pet products are supplied from. See the brands we offer.

Papa Psuka Treats
Red Barn Treats
Stella & Chewy’s
Pure Vita
Nature’s Variety
Nature’s Variety – Instinct Raw
Primal Pet Food
Blue Buffalo

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